Jewelry Without Worries

At Jewelure, we bridge the gap between expensive fine jewelry and fake looking cheap costume jewelry. Our jewelry is made with top quality synthetic diamonds and gemstones. Our stones are conflict-free and lab-made, not mined so there is no damage to the environment or displacement of wildlife. With everything carefully finished by hand, each item exudes beauty that rivals high end jewelry, yet it is very affordable. Wear our jewelry without worries about loss, theft or damage to your wallet and the environment.


Lets get one thing clear, genuine diamonds and gemstones do not like the way they do in jewelry stores when it comes out of the ground. The stones go through treatments, cutting and polishing. Be it natural or man-made, the difference between a poor looking stone and a great looking stone is the effort, skill and care taken during cutting and polishing process. Unlike large chain jewelers and big box department stores, we don’t focus on price and profit alone. We know for a fact that mass produced items with common grade CZ stones and some photoshop magic will generate sales, but it won’t generate repeat business. We understand that our product is the best form of advertising. This is why so many of our new customers are referrals from existing customers. Along with a great product, we know that genuine high quality customer service will result in repeat business and recommendations. This is why we are committed to your total satisfaction on your shopping experience.

Who We Are

Jewelure is owned and operated by DNS Jewelry LLC. Our founder Danny Tsang started the business as a sophomore in high school, when he sold watches from a folding table on the sidewalks of San Francisco. Over the years we have developed into designers and importers of all things jewelry. Some of our other product lines include our flagship store DNS Jewelry (, JewelryFresh (, and a handful of retail operations on eBay and Amazon. Since our first store in 2000, we have provided sensible, value-oriented products and friendly customer service to over 300,000 customers worldwide. Because we manufacture most of our jewelry, we're able to by-pass the middleman and offer un-rivaled prices. This also allows us to design and produce the latest styles at the quality we demand.

Our primary showroom is located inside San Francisco's premier wholesale jewelry center on 101 Utah St. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email us using this contact form.

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