How to Clean Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Cubic Zirconia jewelry, like genuine diamond jewelry, needs to be cleaned often to keep it looking beautiful. Oils from your skin, along with contact with every day elements can leave your cz stones looking dull and cloudy. Luckily, there is a very simple solution. While most diamond jewelers will recommend cleaning chemicals and cloths, or returning to the store for a steam clean, its really not that necessary. Lets be honest, a free steam clean is simply a way to get you coming back to the store to hopefully spend more money. Skip the drive, the parking and hassle by cleaning your cubic zirconia or diamond jewelry at home with materials you already have.
What you need:
  1. Cup of Warm Water
  2. Liquid Window Cleaner (ie Windex)
  3. Soft Bristle Toothbrush

To restore your cubic zirconia stones to a brand new shine, all you need are these simple items. Window cleaners like windex does wonders on your windows doesn't it? The ammonia based cleaners leave your windows with a renewed sparkle, and will do the same for cleaning CZ jewelry. Simply spray 2-4 pumps into a cup, and fill with warm water to create a soapy solution. Use a soft bristle toothbrush and clean the stone thoroughly. The secret is to clean all areas of the stone, including the bottom. This is the only way to restore the showroom shine. After cleaning your piece of jewelry, rinse with water and let it air dry. Your cubic zirconia jewelry will look like the day you got it!

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Buying a CZ Engagement Ring

Buying a CZ engagement ring is a wise financial choice for many couples. You get just about the same beauty and durability without the high prices and the worries. As a guy, there are several things you should consider when purchasing your ring, aside from the price. This guide will show you how to find the perfect engagement ring.

Stone Shape

The shape of the main stone says a lot about the person wearing it. The most popular cut is by far the classic round, or brilliant cut cubic zirconia. It is the most sought after cut and tends to have the most brilliance. This is true for both diamond and CZ. However, many people love cuts that are other than the round cut. These are otherwise known as fancy cut diamonds, or "fancies". Fancies offer a look that is different than the crowd. It is not just the shape alone, but fancy cuts like cushion, asscher and emerald cut stones offer a completely different look when it reflects light.

Tip: When in doubt, go with round. It is timeless and beautiful. Our 5A flawless CZ round stones are incredible in person. 

Stone Size

The size of the center stone makes a HUGE difference in price in the world of diamonds. In the world of cubic zirconia, the price difference is not as dramatic so you don't have to worry about price. What you should consider is how much "wow" you want packed into the ring. The bigger the stone, the more it will turn heads and get attention. This may be desired by some women, but not by others. Also, the bigger it is, the less "believable" the ring is, since diamond rings over 2 carats likely costs well over $15,000.

Tip: If you want a CZ engagement ring that is beautiful, believable and still considered quite subtle, stick to 0.75 to 1.25 carat for the center stone. Anything over 1 carat is considered big, anything over 2 carats is considered huge.

Setting Style

The setting style, like the stone cut, says alot about the person who wears it. Settings range from plain and simple metal, to extremely intricate, flowing designs that are set with many tiny stones. Again, in the world of real diamond engagement rings where you are dealing with white gold and very high retail price for labor, the price difference between plain and fancy settings can be dramatic. On Jewelure CZ rings we use silver instead of gold, and you we cut out the retail store middleman. This means that the price won't be much different for fancy or plain. When deciding on the setting style, you'll want to consider the line of work of the bride to be, her fashion style, and her personality. For example, she may not want to wear an over the top, fancy looking ring if she is the more low key type that dresses casually.

Tip: When in doubt, know that the most timeless engagement rings are plain solitaire engagement rings. These are rings with just the center stone in the middle and the sides of the ring either plain metal or some accent stones. Another classic is the 3 stone style. In recent years, the most popular style has been by far the halo engagement rings.

More Tips

-Contact her close friends to see if she has been looking at ring styles. They may know her taste and point you in the right direction.

-Walk by jewelry store window displays and see her reaction to the different styles. Try to pinpoint if she likes round stone, princess cut (square), or something else. See if she's more into plain or fancy styles.

-If you want to get a CZ engagement ring, but you don't want her, her friends, her parents etc. to know off the bat that it is CZ, then stick with something low key. Get a style that is more plain with a smaller, round center stone so it looks real but also remains believable.

Good luck! If this article was helpful, please feel free to share it with friends. Tag us in your social media posts with #Jewelure after she says yes!


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Choosing Believable Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Our jewelers hand craft our cubic zirconia jewelry using the same techniques and care as they would with genuine diamond jewelry. Our stones are also top quality AAA stones and 5A flawless Zirconia on stone that are 4mm and up. This means that all of our jewelry looks real. However, there are certain things to look for that gives certain pieces a more believable. After all, most of us want a more affordable alternative to diamond jewelry, not a cheap looking knockoff. Here are a few quick tips.

Piece Size
 Gold Plated CZ "T" Fashion Bangle
The size of the piece definitely plays an important factor. With real gold and platinum jewelry, a thicker and larger piece would cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars more. With this in mind, generally the smaller the piece, the more believable it will look.

Stone Size
1 CTW Fancy Solitaire Engagement Ring 1.20 Carat Sterling Silver Classic Halo CZ Ring 3.35 CTW Cushion Cut CZ Solitaire Baguette Ring Sterling Silver CZ Heart and Lock Necklace Set
Stone size place a huge part in the cost of your jewelry. This is because many people don't realize that larger stones are exponentially more expensive than smaller ones. For example, if all things being equal, a 5 carat diamond would cost ALOT more than five 1 carat diamonds. If believable is what you want, generally items with smaller stones will look more real. The most believable would be styles made with pave' setting, where the entire design is made with many small sized stones.

The Whole Look
As mentioned before, all high quality cubic zirconia jewelry looks real. Our jewelry is on another level compared to cheap fashion jewelry from accessory stores. What makes certain jewelry look believable is the full look that the jewelry item is merely a small part of. For instance, in a formal evening setting where you're rocking your heels and a designer bag, you can get away with larger pieces or larger stones. However, that same piece worn with a t shirt and jeans may look "fake" even if it was the same item. So remember to keep in mind the setting and the whole look when choosing a CZ jewelry item for that day.

Confidence Above All

At the end of the day, it really doesn't matter what others think. Many of our customers can afford large pieces with large stones, but they simply choose to spend their money more wisely. Jewelry is not about what others think. It is about excellence in design and craftsmanship. It's not about a price tag. Jewelry is an artistic expression. You should wear what you like. Confidence is true beauty. Wear your jewelry proudly and have fun doing so!
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